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USA's Domestic Enmity in Plain Sight

Under no circumstance should the citizenry of USA yield to such anti-constitutional assertion or #QuasiState demand to hand in firearms: says someone residing in an emasculated region of the Globalist State–that, by generational conditioning, has deceptively convinced a portion of it’s citizenry that their constitution was some kind of fairy tale: with the fallacy of it being ‘not written down’ freely circulating, until business owners were confronted with unlawful despotisms from our quasi-State. Now many #Britons are realizing, to their strength and independence—that our constitution is sound and lawful. Sadly we are also realizing that we have been abiding by unlawful statutes and regulations as gullible, impressionable live-stock; a stark, yet beneficial and necessary realization…

(Excerpt from July 25th t.grm DR post):

At this stage USA is under Globalist State occupation: waiting around for an ‘election’ (with Dominion 'voting' machines, see #follytics) could cost us many innocent American lives (#AdverseDelayedReaction #AntibodyDependentEnhancement #PathogenicSpikeProtein #LatentDemocide), also allowing further obliteration of #America’s constitutionally granted #sovereignty.

Also consider that the #ActOf1871 rendered USA a corporation (#USAINC. #Rothsefeller/#Rome)–with it's bureaucracy as the District of Columbia (which has it's own constitution).

#RestoreUnitedStatesOfAmerica using pre 1867 (pre-federal citizenry) constitution. It is most implausible that the ballot box (or the media orchestrated & induced, sociologically divisive commotion associated with it’s process) is going to rescue USA at this juncture–given how systemically intrenched into #globalist bureaucracy America has become (eg.#InternationalOrganizationsImmunitiesAct1945 #FederalReserveAct1913 etc.).

Also, please see this relevant twitter thread:


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