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Britons Versus Gluttons

Part 1

Prince or Globalist State Ambassador?


Ratzinger, the supremacist fiend Nazi youth abuser of pomp frock and regalia, but worst of all, the hearts and minds of the innocent that invest their spiritual passion into a corrupt, imperialist criminal organization.  He now lurks the plutocratic underworld as a retired 'priest'. Sinister puppeteers such as Ratzinger, the Jesuit General(the Black Pope) and the top brass of SMOM enjoy anonymous yet profound authority as well as diplomatic immunity around the world

The Rothschild Dynasty were authorized and brought to power by the Holy Roman Empire plutocracy & have been utilized as economic war-farers and money launderers for the Papacy to their great fortune.A HRE dynasty that acquired dominion over the City of London(which has it's own constitution) by means of  fraudulent consensus manipulation after the battle of Waterloo. Sadly, they are now the custodians of Britain's economic stability: a status that has the capacity to passively, un-officially supersede the authority of Britain's State and monarch


Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire bloodlines

 (Windsor, Bush, Gore, Kerry etc.

House of Windsor Victorian era coat of arms:See the style of crown whilst considering that Albert was Sovereign Militia Order of Malta (Papal militia)*


 Redrawn Coat of Arms


Emperor Charles V - Holy Roman Empire:

was responsible for authorising the slave trade from Africa to the Americas, also the 'herecide' of the Incas, Aztecs, as well as the enslavement and genocide of American Indians

Holy Roman Empire coats of arms, show Rome's Imperial Papal crown: as also depicted in the Victorian era House of Windsor coat of arms*

Interestingly, Holy Roman Empire symbolism generally has militant, demonic, fear inducing aesthetic, rather than symbols that could inspire spirituality or piety.

Please observe the hanging lamb.

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 4.18.39 PM.png

This mendacious insult to British intelligence should be challenged and brought to account: if any office of Parliament was involved in this erroneous propagandist attempt at public subversion, they should be investigated forthwith!


Fionn O Lochlainn

February 12th 2021

∆ * signifies reference footnotes

Prince Charles’ involvement with or obedience to World Economic Forum’s diabolical objectives and repugnant ideology is a disgrace: a national embarrassment. His use of globalist propagandist jargon: flowery words such as 'sustainability' and other contrived phrases straight from the United Nations’ Agenda 21/2030 '92 Earth Summit 'depopulationist' doctrine suggests Britain's surrender or spineless acquiescence to *Globalist State Reign with British facade. Now we endure their malfeasant jurisdiction and their inhuman implementation of anti-constitutional ideology.


Does 'Ambassador Charles' think that Britons are unaware of the Globalist State's ultimate trajectory: which would actualize centralized globalist jurisdiction and command over British infrastructural resource; the end of Great Britain’s constitutional civility; our sovereignty; our culture; our many communities: all to be collectivized into their quasi-communist technocratic regime; implemented with constitutionally unlawful 'excessive fines' and 'cruel punishments'; socially engineered apartheid against dissenters that rightfully insist on informed consent or citizens that assert their right of Habeas Corpus; lubricating the plausible eventuality of bio-technological bondage to State and corporation or to endure being restricted to which ever draconian degree any given region’s ‘State’ arbitrarily deem fit.


United Nations’ Agenda 21/2030 (now being marketed as 'the Great Reset' ) is an ontological disaster for us all: a plutocratic pseudo-environmentalist appropriation of actual, grass roots cultivated environmentalism; a global regime of brutal totalitarianism, sold under the guise of 'concern' and 'conservation'. No public address was made for a so called ‘democratic’ society to even consider this cruel initiative. With the Globalist plutocracy's imperialism and elitist hubris being masked by monolithic propagandist assault from a centralized Globalist State media mechanism.


 A British prince now reduced to just another one of the Globalist State's social engineers: transmitting concern for ‘the planet’ or ‘public health’ whilst he and his plutocratic masters or affiliates wage psychological (est.Media), economic(∆), and now biological (coercive or forced MRC-5/mRNA vaccination) warfare on his own nation; British tragedy, in favor of despotic globalist hegemony, and all to the profound detriment of his nation’s constitutional, cultural foundations.

Using the propagandist strategy of sensationalizing 'global threat' to introduce and supposedly 'justify' invasive globalist 'solution', Prince Charles is obfuscating a fundamental transition of power. As congenial and benevolent as his 'gentlemanly' assertions and his use of flowery 'do gooder' jargon may seem, the ideology he is promulgating is already returning Britain back to bureaucratic barbarism; prior to the signing of the Magna Carta; but even worse still, this inherently treasonous long term 'vision' eventually and ostensibly allows the Barbarian's 'Divine Right of Kings'(totalitarianism) to be assumed by the Globalist State plutocracy. No honorable common law negotiation with State office or official; no structure of constitutional civility or process of public petition; just arch dictatorship from a centralized globalist edifice (possibly the building Rockefeller donated to theUnited Nations for use as their head office; feasibly a sauna somewhere in Davos).

Does he and his cohorts need reminding that the 'DivineRight of Kings' was rightfully superseded by our Magna Carta (1215): which was re-instated in 1331 by King Edward 111 in perpetuity: that Britain has a sound constitutional foundation: of which documents such as our our Bill of Rights (1689)Declaration of Right (1689), Petition of Right (1628), Habeas Corpus Act (1679), Charter of the Forest (1225) and of course the Magna Carta prohibit the Crown or Parliament from implementing much of what WEF's 'Great Reset' has in store for our once great Nation? Is Charles even experientially aware of the suffering poverty and a determinism sans-possibility induces?

Has Charles stopped to consider 'who benefits' from the eradication of British sovereignty? Is he aware that plutocrats such as Gates, Bezos, Musk and Zuckerberg have increased their fiscal intake by an average of 59% in the last nine months, whilst proprietorships in Britain are being forced or coerced to fail and close: allowing a Globalist State fleecing of Britain's middle class? Now Briton proprietors wait in naive pacification for the Bank of International Settlements / IMF to manipulate their fiat currency system; then arbitrarily deflate to acquire or should I say 'harvest' British assets, property, and of course, our authority.

Does HRH still regard us as citizens now that their* media and globalist institution driven 'vi-ruse' has spurred a highly exploitable, 'extortable' social phenomena of neurotic 'humaniphobia' within the malleable media affected? What about the educated patriots? Are we supposed to cower in fear at what is a transparently disingenuous, quasi-medical form of economical, ideological, now corporeal (technological genome re-sequencing vaccination), thus territorial occupation? 


Actual historians, patriotic enthusiasts and constitutionalists must see his possibly unwitting treasonous maneuvers toward globalism; also plausibly seeing Rome as the salivating recipient of the aforementioned 'transition of power': the promulgation of what would ostensibly function as an 'ultimate surrender' to the Papal associated oligarchy: the residual force of what has laid latent since the seeming demise of the Holy Roman Empire, and the rise of British independence from Rome. Yet sadly, the media-bewildered herd sleepwalk in 'mainstream-phobia' toward the end of British sovereignty: national and personal. 



Rome would acquire British jurisdiction irreversibly: as technocratic social mechanism would allow. Thus, Britain's 'ultimate surrender' to Rome (Sorry Henry,Fabius Maximus strikes again)



I seek not to make audacious connotation or condemnatory accusation,  just to air questions; yet in truth I am disturbed and alarmed to see the circumstantial verification of a plethora of reasons why our monarch would surrupsticiously promote the end of it's own Nation State sovereignty. Perhaps the Windors have negotiated an elevated status within the up and coming Globalist State Empire: for finally selling out our sovereignty to Rome's coetaneous imperialist manifestation: perhaps they were made a jesuitical 'offer they could not refuse'; perhaps they have been Saxe-Coburg-Gotha of the Holy Roman Empire all along: slowly bringing Britain back to Rome's heel over the generations since Queen Victoria: who allowed the covert forces of Rome to regain entry into Britain after prolonged banishment. Perhaps their privy council is corrupted and they have been subverted or stupefied into disarming fallacy; speculations and conjecture to varying degrees of plausibility abound, regardless, Britons are now at war with their 'State' and although some still don't realize it, many do, and those that see past the Globalist State propaganda are aghast; asking in great torment:


"Where is our sovereign monarch when we need them?"  


"Why are they not protecting our constitution; our independence from a centralized imperialist force of foreign hegemony? "


"Why is our Prince prepared to relinquish our sovereignty, deflating the lives of millions, on the grounds of IPCC's debunked pseudo-science and an explicitly fraudulent, media (Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations /Pirbright Institute / CIA) generated 'propagandemic' ? " 

"Why are the Royals not intervening in what is now resembling domestic enmity?"


"How could our monarch witness the Stasiesque coercion, oppression and subjugation of their own citizenry?"


Does Charles actually believe that Britons don't see straight through the Boyish Johnson mascot and his eugenicist (co-author of UNCED Charter '92), staunch globalist, patriarchal mentor (ventriloquist)?  I, as with many others, do not subscribe to any political party, and would not categorize my perception and aspirations regarding humanity as necessarily being 'conservative', but would state that a 'conservative' that won't conserve constitution, has nothing conservational about them at all. His conceited disregard for Britain's cultural and constitutional foundations; his obsession with the new 'golden calf' of commerce and quackery–vaccination; his bureaucratic audacity; his bigoted, sociologically divisive, condemnatory dismissal of  what the Globalist State social engineers propagandize as 'anti-vaxxers' or 'vaccine refusers'; his transformation of Britain's law enforcement men and women into predatory, Gestapo inspired unlawful statute enforcement 'officers' (mercenary thugs in uniforms) to persecute, subjugate, oppress and re-domesticate 'disobedient' Britons; and of course, his pompous, transparently groomed, painfully disingenuous 'Churchillian' persona: all reveals the mendacious charade and the treacherous national betrayal of our so called 'Parliament'.

Does Charles even consider that ideologically, economically, sociologically, environmentally, bureaucratically, judicially, culturally speaking: Britain is being invaded; it's jurisdiction being passively hijacked by Globalist State institution, banking, media, tech and vaccine corporation in abject defiance of Britain's 'Rule of Law'; our constitution, and in distasteful contempt of public authority or congeniality.

Many say 'the State has sold us out to the pharmaceutical corporations!', but what societal impulse has cultivated these megalithic corporations? From what we are seeing right now, it is clear why vaccine corporations were unlawfully nurtured to such prominence by USA's treasonous National Child Vaccine Injury Act 1986: allowing the then waning vaccine corporations indemnity;  since when, as reckless gluttons–they chemically adulterate our young to trans-nationally expand beyond the power of petty governments;  with their lobbyists making a mockery of 'health and safety' agencies around the world; an industry grown to  be used; mobilized at this juncture, to accomplish bio-technological bondage of human physiology to State, thus potentially procure irreversible technocratic dominance over the human race.  

Does Charles think that Britons remain unaware as to the fact that eugenicist mascot for the Rockefeller dynasty –Bill Gates, is indeed a Knight of the British Empire: also on trial by India's Supreme Court for the maiming of 48000+ children with experimental vaccines (Reuters* attempted 'debunking' of this story is laughable.);  now also on trial in Peru's civil court for 'Crimes Against Humanity', and we wonder why our monarch has not yet disavowed this infamously voracious, genocidal villain?














Does he or the Windsors care that millions of Britons are furious about the abject failing off democratic process:? In majority Britain decreed it's desire to be independent; to steer Britain away from the Globalist State's fiscal and bureaucratic vortex.  After stalling with attempted media manipulation, social conditioning; and the application of economic, coercive and subversive forms of public persuasion: all of which failed to convince Britons: the State's response was to arrogantly induce globalism exponentially ("at revolutionary speed`") under the guise of quasi-medical solution to yet another grossly exaggerated, plausibly devised pseudo-scientific

'global hazard'™.


When a nation is flooded with human beings who's ancestors did not fight or die to protect that nation's liberty or endure to construct and install that nation's bureaucratic structure of civility: it becomes a nation more easily subverted away from it's regional cultural affinity; it's true history and the principled foundations which constitute that nation's national and personal sovereignty.

Philanthropy is no longer a notion that plutocratic criminals and nation State traitors are able to mask their gluttony or dishonorable imperialist criminality with: nefarious characters such as D. Rockefeller, Gates and Soros have tarnished the concept by their sordid use of public relations to 'propagandise' faux-piety, whilst palpably implementing iniquity. A papal method of social control, being applied by coetaneous Papal Sovereign Militia Order of Malta / IHS operatives and their unwitting lackeys around the world.


I respectfully suggest HRH Prince Charles studies the actual 'un-politicized' science that axiomatically negates the preposterous pseudo-scientific orthodoxy of which the United Nations' 'Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change' and 'World 'Health' Organization' insult our intelligence with; so as to re-evaluate to what degree of objectivity he is able to. Considering the plausible notion that the Windsor's Privy Council has been jesuitically compromised in favor of globalist implementation, at the bitter cost of British sovereignty. I also strongly suggest disavowing the brazen imperialism of Klaus Schwab: distancing Britain's supposedly Sovereign Monarch from the World Economic Forum's constitutionally offensive, covertly invasive ideology.


I would also earnestly suggest that HRH Prince Charles applies great passion and assiduous proficiency toward ending the Globalist State's immoral imposition of 'the lockdown' in Britain, as it is functioning as a most hostile form of domestic enmity: a catastrophic nightmare for millions of Britons: most of whom are furiously aware of the propagandism and know that there is no sound scientific justification for their State coerced or enforced demise.

Please consider this dichotomous social dynamic; as well as the 'environmental' effects and affects of State enforced poverty.

Many Britons are now taking an interest in common law and Britain's constitutional structure of civility, after being duped, coerced, brutalized and forced into self-subjugation, scientifically unjustified 'humaniphobia' and industrial failure. A restoration of constitution is the kind of 'reset' Britons want and now desperately need. Not to be subverted, forced or ruthlessly coerced into a paradigm of technocratic globalism that renders our constitution, thus nation State null and void: reducing a proud Nation State citizenry to a demoralized herd of technocratically enslaved subjects within just another region of  the 'omnipressive' Globalist State (Rome).

The socially engineered condemnation of patriots, critical thinkers, intellectuals, constitutionalists, scholars, unfettered PHD's and medical doctors that dare question the Globalist State's monotheistic 'p$y€nc£'; absurd auto-contradicting narrative, skewed data and quasi-medical protocol, is truly shameful: resembling the same Papal methods of condemnatory societal division used in just about every one of their regime changes throughout history: from the inquisition to the Papacy’s covert installation of Maoism, to Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli's 'herecidal' Third Reich, toNazi affiliated George Soros' (*SMOM's) installation of Black Lives Matter / Antifa ‘pop-activism’: State orchestrated public shaming of any faction of society that does not agree with or obey the State driven collectivist orthodox regime. In terms of social engineering, is Charles able to see that 'Carbon footprint' guilt functions identically to the Papacy's 'Original Sin'?


Has Charles researched the fact that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was introduced by Sovereign Militia Order of Malta's 'Central Intelligence Agency' after the JFK assassination, to deter public investigation or query; to discourage autonomous research, thus deduction or assertion: a propagandist phrase to be used in exactly the same way as phrases such as ‘blaspheme’ or ‘heresy’? Does he agree with the divisive 'factionism' being promulgated by State media to condemn, persecute, and ostensibly excommunicate ‘vaccine refusers’ , ’climate deniers’ or any other faction of society the State sees fit to indirectly punish into obedience or purge into non-existence?

The unlawful hubris and audacity of what is generally perceived as our British ‘State’  has now become outlandish: an example being their use of Twitter corporation to advertise their unlawfulness as supposed ‘law’ when it is in actuality ‘colour of law’; posting what is tantamount to an attempted nullification of constitution by means of postulating 'announcement'; relying on socially engineered constitutional amnesia to convince Britons that don’t know better into adhering to anti-constitutional statute codes:

Today the Globalist State are using tried and trusted Papal methods of social engineering,  assassination, selection, subjugation and control. From the inquisition, to Pope Pius XII's Third Reich, to the CIA's MK Ultra experimentation, right up to their coetaneous consensus manipulation of mainstream and social media platforms, to the distribution of sedating transformative pharmaceutical compound, to the infiltration, subversion and manipulation of academic, judiciary, executive and civil office.


The Holy Roman Empire is resurfacing from it's latency. With residual resentment from the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563), where they vehemently vowed to crush the protestant uprising; setting an elaborate covert system in place to end all heresy. They are getting a taste of their new empire. And with gusto born from a deranged theocratic entitlement, they now impose their modern technocratic, collectivist global version of pre-reformation Europe: shall Britain's Prince now do their bidding? Must we respectfully remind as to why the Windors changed their name?














What the social prefects, the civil servants, technocrats and most top level implementors of globalism don’t seem to realize, is that they too shall become victimized by the regime they are now thriving to accomplish...

If “Britons never will be slaves” then why would a British Prince entertain an ideology in alignment with the Globalist State's trajectory of British techno-biological bondage to centralized State: by means of Gates' biometric implant associated with  & supposedly 'justified' by quasi-medical regime, and of course Musk's 'Neurolink' maintaining public delusion; occupying the minds of the technocratically subjugated: with the potentially despotic eugenical use of theWorld 'Health' Organization's global DNA registry,: all conditioned into then ensnared within an 'internet of things' paradigm: where we 'gratefully own nothing'. This may sound fun to nihilists, escapists, the few that have no experiential understanding of impecunity and those that do not value personal sovereignty, but to me, my own, and just about every human being I have encountered in this life: this near future scenario sounds like a hellish dystopia; a nightmare with no awakening; a tragedy of mammoth proportion; a disaster; the end of humanity:  an imposition from State that is truly inhuman and unacceptable; a diabolical implosion of Nation state regional culture and industry: a horror! 

I commence conclusion with a reminder as to when our monarch made patriotic, constitutional assertion and commemoration; releasing a coin in remembrance and celebration of Habeas Corpus:

With shame and disgust, I now see a British Prince promote an ideology and socio-economic, socio-political trajectory that would cast Habeas Corpus to the trash: in favor of what is already actualising as Globalist State reign of Britain: whilst a centralized media mechanism and a fifth column Parliament pay pacificatory, propagandist lip service to what was once Britain; whilst the coetaneous mechanism of Rome runs rough shod over the impertinent 'heretical' Nation States that dared or now continue to dare question the orthodoxy and supposed 'universal' authority of the Papacy. Now their orthodoxy is represented by supposedly 'indisputable' pseudo-scientific ideology rather than theology; with the current jesuit 'Pope' flippantly discarding the fundamental principles of Christian theology, in favor of the United Nation's sociological ideology 'Communitarianism' (as described within their Agenda 21 /2030 publications); from faith in God's divine will and creation to faith in man's fetishes, such as vaccination, biometrics and ruthless technocracy: using notions such as political correctness as the modern 'blaspheme'; obliged adherence to and belief of 'the science'–not allowing objective independent scientific contributions to even be considered, no matter how erudite and meticulous the studies may be: with no regard for the academic accomplishments or credentials of those that dare make opposing assertion; with all and any contradicting narrative suppressed, censored and condemned as 'heresy'. With the socially engineered societal persecution of 'unbelievers' (vaccine 'refusers' climate 'deniers', patriots, actual historians and constitutionalists etc.). This entire Globalist State driven quasi-medical regime has the Vatican's dishonorable methods of covert infrastructural installation, social oppression and imperialist dominion as it's unmistakable signature; it's identifying stratagem.


When trans-national pharmaceutical corporation, in association/affiliation with Globalist State institution (such as Gavi, WHO, the United Nations),  and central banking edifice–spawned from theocratic imperialist entitlement take control of our State; our media system; our currency; our medical infrastructure and protocol by means of corporatism, fiat currency bribery, intimidation, infiltration, subversion, gradualism, and coercion; if that 'State refuse honorable negotiation; no common law appeal or process of petition: at the risk of impertinence, many would now address our monarch to step in and at the very least secure the established British principle of personal sovereignty: thus, assuring Britons shall never have to resist or endure the rapacious imposition of forced vaccination or the State reducing Britons that do not subscribe or consciously choose to abstain, to become sub- citizens; banished from society; a life of relative indignity; to be avoided as lepers within the media constructed and imposed reality of subscribers: 'Humaniphobia'.


Britons that have researched the chemical compound of vaccines and the dark, woefully corrupt history of the vaccination industry, are far more trepidatious concerning the threat of medical mandates then they are from the transparently fraudulent propaganda of centralized corporate media, although Murdoch's (SMOM*) mainstream media mechanism would attempt to divert or subvert in opposition to even questioning the militant potential of their 'golden calf' method of eugenical, trans-humanoid commodification within the oncoming digital 'Internet of Things' paradigm: 'vaccination'. Must we remind our 'State' how vaccination and IBM's first computing correlation machine were used by State centralized medical institution within the Third Reich? Imagine what Hitler would do with a global  DNA registry and biometric technology, then ask what force of authority signed the Concordat treaty that brought him to power?


































Our monarch still has the power to make one statement of prerogative declaring our new found Globalist State protocol and jurisdiction un-constitutional: asserting Habeas Corpus as integral to Britain's constitutional foundation: a statement, that if delivered in earnest conviction, would end the politico postulation that has led us to enforced deflation of British cottage industry: the mass suicide inducing, culture crushing, life destroying, nation State de-authorising 'lockdowns' and the Globalist State's iniquitous trajectory of 'omnipressive' bio-technocratic slavery.



*References (some of these materials portray conclusions that do not necessarily represent my own, yet are still useful regarding research and record, thanks) :


–  the Globalist State: Plutocratic dynasties that have cultivated and now preside over: Vatican City (Sovereign Militia Order of Malta / IHS) / District of Columbia (USA INC.) / City of London Corporation / World Economic Forum / theUnited Nations / /Inter-governmental Panel on Climate ChangeWorld Health Organization / Int. Criminal Court / Council on Foreign Relations / International Monetary Fund / Bank of International Settlements / Royal Institute of International Affairs / Club of Rome / Trilateral Commission / the Executive sectors of trans-national pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer, media, tech, military and security corporation (eg. Amazon, Facebook, Merck,  Lockheed Martin, News Corp, Reuters, Pfizer, Wikipedia, Snopes, Bayer) / Rome's 'Central Intelligence Agency' etc.

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britishness-516=15fps-Animated UKGLObal.

Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli ( Pope Pius XII) signing the Concordat treaty. Yes, we have the Papacy to thank for Adolf Hitler's 'herecidal' accomplishments

Pio XII y Hitler..jpg
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