The Jesuit's Ruthless Subversion of China

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Pope Pius VII issued Papal Bull 'Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum' that secured the indispensability of the Jesuit Order (IHS) in perpetuity. Since this date the Vatican has been controlled by the jesuits. Now we see their covert authority culminating overtly–with the first official jesuit ‘Pope’ being Jorge Mario Bergoglio (‘Francis’) in 2013

Please remember that the Society of Jesus (IHS/the Jesuit Order) was created and authorized as a covert militia to counter the great reformation; to crush and eradicate heresy. IHS was recklessly authorized by Pope Paul III with Papal bull ‘Regimini militantis ecclesiae’ in 1540. 


The Jesuit’s stated modus operandi is ostensibly, any act, no matter how iniquitous or evil, is justified as a means to their end–under their service to the Pontiff of Rome. Jesuits are vassals; absolute, unwavering obedience to the Jesuit Superior General. Their brutal training as candidates of induction is so thorough, it is said that there is no such thing as a disobedient jesuit, and that post indoctrination, there is no remaining residue of who they were prior to this prolonged traumatic process of ‘re-education’.

Please read the excerpt from IHS Secret Oath of Induction within this short.

See the complete IHS oath here

 The following quote (among others of it's sort), along with the Jesuit order's installment of fifth column agency (missionary) and the establishment of quasi-academic institution (jesuit schools & colleges) from the 1500's, has led some researchers to conclude that the jesuits have had control of China since the 1700’s, however my research concludes that in actuality, the Papacy's complete control of China was finally established with the CIA’s installation of Mao; with the Papacy's cultivation, and galvanization of 'Chinese' communism (now 'CCP' technocracy):


”See, sir, from this Chamber, I govern, not only to Paris, but to China; not only to China, but to all the world, without anyone knowing how i do it."

-Michelangelo Tamburini (14th Jesuit Superior General from 1706-1730).


IHS founder Ignatius Loyola sent his finest founding member Francis Xavier to China in the 1500's, as he was aware that in order to satisfy the jesuit induction oath, the dictates born from the Council of Trent (1545-1563) and the imperialist declarations of the Papacy, China must be rid of 'heresy' (ideological variation or opposition to Rome).


One of the most successful and possibly one of the most embarrassing examples of IHS' infiltration of China is the story of Joseph-Marie Amoit: considering the notion of 'Chinese whispers'...


Jesuit Joseph-Marie Amiot (1718-1793), official translator of Western languages for Emperor Qianlong, c. 1790. Joseph Marie Amiot was born at Toulon. He entered the Society of Jesus (IHS) in 1737 and was sent in 1750 as a missionary to China. He soon won the confidence of the Qianlong Emperor and spent the remainder of his life at Beijing. He was a correspondent of the Académie des Sciences, official translator of Western languages for Emperor Qianlong, and the spiritual leader of the French mission in Peking. He died in Peking in 1793.(


Sun Tzu’s Art of War has become an iconic work, a commonly cited treatise with cross-over interest and application in academia, military, business management, and even popular culture. Sun Tzu (544-496 BC), a Chinese military strategist, revered and influential throughout Asia, was virtually unknown in Western culture for centuries until the French Jesuit missionary, Jean Joseph Marie Amiot, translated his masterpiece into French in 1772.(Alamay)

Please observe how papal social engineering method was used in the Maoist revolt, whilst considering the atrocities of Ledochowski's Bolshevik holocaust and 3rd Reich herecidal crusades  



For those still taken in by SMOM’s centralized media narratives: with positioned and controlled figure heads of perceived authority such as Xi Jinping; those assigning false cause to the CCP for all the repugnant atrocities of China–from the herecide of Tibet, to the abominable treatment of the Falun Gong, to the rapacious technocratic subjugation of their own surfacing bio-technocracy: please consider that China has been cultivated as a vassal region, with a formidable military and economic prowess–born from brutal expansion of State; to be used as intimidation toward nation States; as a threat to usher us into ideological submission to the Globalist State’s collectivist, imperialist hegemony. We might see bold assertions of independence, patriotism and sovereignty from nation States if the United Nations was the only major force flagrantly touting communism; with China IHS controlled into self-subjugation, sensationalizing the ideology of Communism™, the UN and China become ideological 'birds of a feather', and by peripheral comparison the UN's heinous collectivism seems less offensive–it is not. They are one in the same: Rome.


The same SMOM/IHS/Skull and Bones syndicate set up China; it's ideology, infrastructure and policy are indeed shaped in accordance to those that established the United Nations; the Holy Roman Empire plutocracy and their covert militias: such as IHS (Skull and Bones) and Sovereign Militia Order of Malta- who's centralized media mechanism would relentlessly cite 'heretical' China as culprit, whilst behind the scenes the Papacy are continuing to cultivate, foment and furnish China's totalitarian iniquity: to be used as geo-strategic weapon of formidability. With the papacy, the blame of atrocity will usually be portrayed to be on the shoulders of a heretical nation or race or sect, although the root of it's iniquity is almost always at Rome. It is the nature of premeditated covert militia; infiltration, then interception of infrastructural and cultural impulse by subversion of media and academic institution, thus multi-generational conditioning: with IHS Institutions such as Yali (Yale China), Fordham and Georgetown 'universities', targeting and grooming students into positions of perceived, partial authority, to be jesuitically manipulated by imposed, arbitrary forms of 'co-operation' from then on.

I wrote the following 'infomeme' regarding the United States of America, yet please understand that these assertions apply to China, and sadly so many other nations and States around the world...

Please also consider that the first United Nations charter was virtually word for word Marxist manifesto, and that communism has been used by the papacy a number of times to implement ideology or dogma that, just like Roman theological constructs, sensationalizes, glorifies or at least justifies poverty and impecunity as virtuous, whilst there is an opulent elite sector that serve arbitrary dictates from Rome–to which ever degree of oppression or force necessary. In other words, supremacist Roman totalitarianism; sans-civil authority barbarism. Throughout the centuries Rome has used the Fabius Maximus stratagem of veiled attrition: now the Romans attack to enslave fast enough for many to see and discern the attack’s impact of enmity; with technocratic weaponry, polarizing psyop propagandism perfected throughout the centuries, and centralized biometric systems of societal subjugation and control. With the globalist State and their quasi-State operatives soon to employ the use of mass produced humanoid, K9 and flying autonomous drones (DARPA/BostonDynamics) to enforce arbitrary policy.


China is the Globalist State's vast dark ominous shadow, yet it is the jesuit order that cast and direct the light, thus where, when and how that shadow falls.


Until we start to understand the covert authority of this imperialist oligarchical concentration of globalist hubris, gluttony and despotism; redressing the causal point of our immediate oppression–by the expansion of IHS controlled quasi-State (Roman: Star chamber/Maritime system); addressing the apex of plutocratic impulse; unless we sound out, then root out this malignant papal triffid–in it's many disguises, to some degree or another, we shall be covertly oppressed into slavery or purged by it


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