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Globalist Swine & the PDH's of Mainstream Phobia
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Globalist Swine & the PDH's of Mainstream Phobia

Broadcasting live on October 30 at 3pm - Britain, 7am - California, 2am + Australia

Live broadcast speaking about Paul David Hewson(aka 'Bono'), groveling swine; elitist traitor to every rebellious musician that has ever lived; a traitor to Erin’s many generations oppressed, subjugated and violated by Rome and the Holy Roman Empire infested ‘British’ forces of power; a globalist pied piper to all of those ingenuous folks that have been swindled by his 'edgy' esthetic and contrived quasi-rebellious composure.


There's a reason behind the corporate manufacturing of U2's popularity, ’tis because PDH is a Papal operative; a media mascot for the Holy Roman Empire dynasties; the globalist plutocracy that are orchestrating and enforcing the eradication of our middle classes; our regional cultures and now they enforce our ‘plandemical’ status; with plans to introduce technocratically controlled totalitarian slavery, using biometrics and state enforced injection records, with a DNA registry; abject control of social and personal sovereignty: a beast. Mascots such as PDH have lubricated our gradual acceptance of globalism in general. 


WEF’s evil ‘Great Reset’ is actualizing because of treacherous media mascots such as PDH: allowing themselves to be used as instruments of Papal globalist PLUTOCRACY. As far as 'rock' is concerned, U2 have almost single handedly appropriated what was once a rebellious music genre: subverting it’s concept toward social conformity to the globalist establishment's malign agenda (of course with distortion pedals). He must disavow the Papacy, denounce the WEF's imperialist totalitarian agenda or come out wearing a face mask as an explicit popularizer of technocratic enslavement.

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