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The Smallest Minority

Live broadcast 8pm (UK) - 13/11/20

Show was 1 hour and 30 mins with a tech interruption (software), so it was necessary to create another 'Part 2' broadcast session midway; sadly, upon hearing the recordings, the software decided to interject random clicks, cutting words and phrases out, reducing the recordings down to 32 mins(Part 1) and 7:05 mins (Part 2).

These strange tech interventions are most frustrating: spent the last 2 days spent addressing them. Everything seemed to be working, thus tonight's broadcast, then whilst broadcasting, the same issues reoccurred. Sorry to folks that are tuning in. These disrruptions are not in our control. Now pursuing support with software company. Broadcasts shall resume once the issue is resolved.

Another transmission on the concept of The Smallest Minority shall be broadcast as a matter of principle.

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