Fionn O Lochlainn live broadcast - 1pm, 14/10/20

Pluto-technocracy is Our Oncoming Governor: Democracy: a Decoy.


Systemic transformation by means of lawful rebellion must succeed;

it's failing presents a most ominous trajectory: although feasibly

resolvable, it would be a challenging and traumatic battle, risking

loss of life.


Unless we fight, lawfully in preparation to exact civil opposition in

societal self defense if necessary, 'pluto-technocracy' is our oncoming

governor: democratic conditioning rationalises ingenuously appealing

to repair that which is fundamentally broken.


After the evil we have experienced, there is no longer rational grounds

to trust the state's honourable negotiation or fulfilment of such an

implausible notion



Song: Numbers At a Stream

Revolution Series Part 1  (duration 15 mins)


Summit News: Anti-social distancing article.