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Communal Systems of Societal and Parental Defense Against the Unlawful Predators of Quasi-State

Localised communal systems of societal self defense must be established to protect sovereignty oriented, un-injected parents and children from unlawful quasi-State persecution–on the grounds of constitutionally lawful objection to or refusal of medical or physiological imposition. 


Of course this heinous over-reach should be fought in common law court hearings, yet civil defense has become immediately necessary–as many children could be seriously harmed or latently lost by the time these essential court cases conclude.


And here we are, with the globalist State as reckless menace to the jurisdiction and custody of parents, using unconstitutional ‘nisi prius’ (sans-jury) star chamber court ‘hearings’ to ostensibly heist or kidnap children from perfectly able and rightful parents. It has become epidemic in USA, with profound expose and devastating testimony from Senator Nancy Schaffer; so it is of great concern that we proactively secure our relationships; restoring our sense of community with those that hold sovereign principle close to heart. 


We are heading into an unprecedented circumstance with the advent of bio-technocracy. The RIIA/CFR/CIA propaganda to establish apartheid is now fervently manifest, with the bigoted term ‘anti-vaxxer’ being fomented as the latest ‘factionist’ condemnatory term, such as ’heretic’, ‘unbeliever’, ’denier’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘infidel’ ‘goyim’ ‘nigger’ ‘disease spreader’, ‘jew’, ‘hippy’, ‘refusenik’, ’misfit’ etc. It is sadly predictable that the globalist State establishment will utilise the notion of ‘mental health’ to obfuscate these terms with pseudo-diagnoses (APA/DSM). We must be prepared for this, as it is suggested in World Economic Forums’s declared, published stratagem. With their answer to ‘vaccine hesitancy’ being neuro-scientific, genomic intervention–via nanotechnology. In other words a hi tech, fancy-ass exorcism or lobotomy for those that don’t agree.


There is a feasibility of community protecting our own from the predatory, uni(n)formed henchmen of quasi-State corporation. The attacks could fall on your neighbour: possibly a most loving, nurturing and attentive parent that has researched ACTUAL science, and has decided to refrain from his or her child or children being experimented on, regardless of coercive or forceful measures from the BIS/WEF/GAVI/UN/corporation controlled pseudo-government. If we sit back as a community, saying ”isn’t it awful”; waving our cameras at atrocity and our banners at the State, neglecting the short pre-bio-technocracy period we have to cultivate systems of communal defense, tuition, medicine and the healing arts etc, the IHS controlled child trafficking rings could acquire many of our most precious assets: and by common law children are a parent’s chattel property.


Now we must start establishing our own communal infrastructures, and when the establishment threaten to or do actually pull the supply chains and monetary system, we have systems of care and protection for our community that grant us strength, and independence, thus endurance.


I strongly suggest parents join and or use, especially if you are under duress from quasi-State persecution; if your occupation is under threat due to your ‘hesitancy’ to be experimented on. We are welcoming experts and professionals across the board to bring their experience and faculties to those that appreciate them, and not to squander them on those that would coerce, intimidate and centralize medical understanding at it’s lowest common denominator. 


For instance: want doctors that refuse to have their professional expertise and jurisdiction heisted by the quasi-State. Doctors that subscribe to a systemically corrupt, institutionally anchored, eugenically biometric, profit driven paradigm; that in ignorance, incompetence or intellectual weakness, have allowed their Hippocratic oaths to be trounced (upon their compliance with or their implementation of the pseudo-medical C19 regime), need NOT apply.


Part of our uprising is societal, communal establishment of systems. Past war associations are of the State sounding alarm and organising resistance or defense. Now we have globalist State media nudging us into a delusion of peace time as palpable attack actualizes. The birds are tweeting. No blitzkriegs or sirens, just the terrorized ingenuous, self-subjugated; abiding with the implosion of their own nations and the snuffing out of their personal sovereignty.  


Pro-active cultivation of community is gonna seem super strange, possibly uncomfortable for the ‘lonesters’, yet keeping ourselves to ourselves could cost us our lives, as if we neglect the establishment of independent communal systems at this juncture, it is most plausible that the quasi-State would pick us off one by one, so to speak (research UNCED charter ’92).

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