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The Vatican's Heist of


(aka the District of Columbia)

& Their Dreaded Mascot;

the Fiend, Usurper Joe.

Broadcasting live at 3pm - 23/1/21

The absurdity;  the iniquitous insanity of what the Globalist State are implementing right now paints the bleakest, most dystopian picture of our future; an ontological trajectory as wretched  as one anyone could imagine.  The irrational, coercive, even forceful heisting of civil liberty; the expansion of State to the degree where we are now enduring unlawful heavy handed assault on our personal sovereignty from what is generally perceived as our own government. If we do not rise against this tyranny both our ancestors past, and our future kin (if we are so graced) shall mourn and writhe in disgust of our compliance to it. As our own of past generations fought and died to secure liberation from the threat of totalitarian ideology: and now we see it surface from within our NationState infrastructures; from within the executive sectors of corporation whose plutocratic sway exceeds the power of government.


To see the weakness of nation state leaders that are shamelessly bribed, intimidated, coerced or forced into implementing this unconstitutional cruelty; the selling out of culture, economy, society,  community,  arts, congregation: the brutal destruction of any semblance of societal liberty: the ruthless suppression of hard earned success, ambition: tirelessly, passionately actualized, only to be trampled on by State intervention: furloughs with gain stake potential that are set to the heist property ownership of small to medium proprietorships and home owners: United Nations’ Agenda 21 ideology in expedited actualization: I am aghast.


Same dynasties that pulled off the Great Depression are now pulling the same stroke, just on a global scale: the harvesting of American assets and property; the draining of middle class wealth up to the very few dynasties. Leaders that collude or comply with this globalist quasi-medical regime are traitors to their Nations; they are treasonous in circumstantial effect; the purposeful wrecking of a Nation’s economic foundation and the mutilation of culture by means of fear inducing social conditioning;  from relentless media campaigns to  bus stop ads, to soundbites and voice greeting recordings. This implosive economic assault on the citizenry ofNation states, justified by some ‘global threat’ that must be answered by a 'global solution' has to STOP.

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