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Submission, Subordination, Sycophancy & the Establishmnt of Supreme Authority




With the oncoming United Nations’ #Agenda21(#GreatReset) ideology there is the #GlobalistState’s eradication of property ownership; State designated occupation; drastic, arbitrary regulations and restrictions; omnipressive bio-tech #collectivism–with advanced forms of #RemoteBionicSubjugation for ‘refuseniks’; with stated and illustrated intentions from the World Economic Forum, that societal opposition (‘hesitancy’) be neuro-scientifically purged by State imposed, eugenically mechanized #biometrics in conjunction with injection regimentation; in a nutshell, we are being subverted into a brutal form of bio-technocratic enslavement.

With so many now seeing the tangible expressions of #DomesticEnmity from what has been generally perceived as ‘State’; seeing that ‘the State™’ in actuality, is just a corporation, that is now, for a plethora of reasons mounting to imperialism, plutocatically, dynastically controlled against our health and safety–implementing what is tantamount to passive warfare.


Among the surfacing threats from quasi-State, civil defense of our children is now necessary. Great caution should be applied by parents concerning the unaccompanied presence of their children within any State edifice, until constitution, thus personal sovereignty has been restored and secured beyond doubt. In passive warfare with a quasi-State iatrophobia becomes common sense.


Around the world we wage war in defense of sovereignty. Wether intellectual, physical or both–we are engaging in conflict against a globalist, imperialist force. We cannot lose this war; it is a war for the soul of humanity–which I fear would be squandered by a few with it’s loss: our liberty of psyche; our blood; our actual species–now under threat from the expansion of corporation and State under plutocratic, globalist State command.

We must now procure the confidence necessary to transform systemically. See how the State aggressively suppresses confidence with social engineering. Defy the establishment social engineers by pro-actively cultivating confidence and courage in ourselves and those around us; the more societal confidence the better, as with increase of personal and communal confidence comes social cohesion–a necessary dynamic to manifest, as community must now bear the brunt of a paradigm upheaval that could be most unpleasant if not supplemented or buffered by communal systems of infrastructural support.

Actualisation of our own systems, as well as the transmutation of those systems in place with propensity or capacity to function within constitutional restraint, renders us less coercible, and far less vulnerable to unlawful quasi-State imposition or force. In Britain, for instance, we have both sides of the supposed political system bribed, intimidated or coerced into alignment with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, GAVI, and the trans-national pharmaceutical corporations; not to mention the Bank for International Settlements' global, bio-tech injectable fiat currency, and of course, the establishment's precious 'Internet of Things' thus, subsequently pro-biometric vaccination regimentation. This alone shows the absence of societal representation, rendering the establishments placatory ideology of 'democracy' as void of significance; a distraction; a form of drip-fed anaesthetic, whilst they amputate our freedom.


Please also consider the accumulative, macrocosmic effects of quantum observation: a notion aired within the presentation published with this short article. I personally see this aspect to our current equation as integral. Although those bound by reductionism may indolently discard it’s significance, I see establishment proliferated concept and subject matter as the weaponry of occultist social engineers: fomenters of spiritual dependency that would maintain our intellectual slumber–with imperialist aim to exploit it.

What was normal prior to this last year or so could be seen as oppressive and cruel by future generations if we rise.



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