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The Formidable Weapon of Doctrine

Broadcasting live at 12pm (UK) - 28/1/21

America's CentralizedAcademia now promotes trans-national corporate propaganda & Globalism (eg. vaccines, IPCC orthodoxy, GMO).


How is it that brazen fallacy is promulgated & indoctrinated with such authoritative prestige

What are the roots of USA's academic centralization?


The founders of America's centralized academia were members of Skull'n'Bones (IHS Society of Yale University): as was Taft, the founding chairman of what has become the United Nations: as was the unlawful president Bush senior(Nazi affiliated vassal to Rome) that treasonously signed in UN's Agenda 21 in '92. Parents with teenage children should consider this and the many other surfacing impositions youngsters are enduring prior to getting an expensive student loan or allowing the Sate to collectivize their children into acceptance of technocratic bondage to state and corporation, rivalry, perverse or ideologically subversive curriculum. Regarding parental responsibility: until we have secured sovereignty in terms of medical mandating or State coercion to the same affect, it would seem that schools, colleges and universities are unsafe environments for our children: as they have now become psychologically abusive State indoctrination centers, that are assuming more and more jurisdiction and over our children, with increasing psychological intervention into the constructs of our children's psyche, and now with the threat of coerced or forced vaccination or invasive PCR 'testing': schools are becoming a dangerous form of conditioning confinement. We are seeing the gradual installation of  the United Nations 'communitarianism' ideology within education institutions around the world; training children into fallacy, phobia and a mind set conducive to the actualization of globalism. Hegelian conditioning is at the heart of our societal division, with it's roots being the ideological constructs of Ignatius Loyola

...And then there are Jesuit colleges: please consider:

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