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(duration 18.30)

American Masons constructed the United States of America; adorning it’s independent citizenry with sound constitution. Why would ancestors of American ideology seek to undo their great work? It is inquisitively indolent to blame Masons for this truly malign quasi-medical heisting of Nation State sovereignty. There are many lodges in Masonry–all with varying ideological priority.


Think of what sect founded the United Nations? It was a Skull and Bones (IHS Yale society) initiative–right up to George Bush senior’s treasonous signing in of Agenda 21 in 1992–since when, America’s constitution has been bureaucratically targeted by just about every administration. IHS and SMOM set up a silent mechanism of systemic ‘lawfare’; gradualism; and with the Federal Reserve’s relentless economic suffocation of nation State sovereignty, as well as Sovereign Militia Order of Malta’s ‘Trilateral Commission’, ‘Club of Rome’, ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ think tanks, as well as their ‘CIA’ strong arm all applying pressure; steering USA INCORPORATED into ravishing debt and ill repute. With SMOM’s George Bush Junior(Skull and Bones) now inherently involved in military operations–due to his fiscal intrenchment into the military industrial complex.


IHS and SMOM are ideologically supremacist, with stated assertions of theocratic imperialism; covert militias with singular directive; staunch hierarchy. Their oaths are to the Pontiff of Rome, and the Jesuit General.

Adam Weishapt was a jesuit first and foremost. His ‘Illuminati’ off shoot has morphed into many coetaneous identities; actualizations from Alfred Milner’s appropriation of Cecil Rhodes’ global governance initiative, alongside the ancient, incalculable wealth of the Holy Roman Empire plutocracy.

Of course there are masons involved in the globalist regime, yet from my research, it would be safe to assume that many are vehemently opposed to it’s imperialism: please consider that Francis Bacon was born decades after Ignatius Loyola’s foundation of the jesuit order; at a juncture in history that, despite it’s many inspirations, was most turbulent and volatile due to the jesuit order’s antagonism.


SMOM was founded in the eleven hundreds and IHS in the 1500’s: in terms of chronology, these are militia’s are of senior societal status to what is generally considered to be Masonry–which to my research, has a broader span of idealogical heritage then that of Josephus Flavius’ redactions and fabrications: the Bible is one of many great works of inspiration to a masonic scholar and the USA constitution is on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum to theocratic globalist imperialism: where as the jesuit oath stipulates ‘herecide’. What are seeing here?

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