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Penny Wise, Pound Stupid

Globalist State's Subversion of National Infrastructure

23/2/21 - A short blast regarding the subjectFionn O Lochlainn

Fionn O Lochlainn



Law enforcement officers that are coercing or enforcing these unlawful lockdowns and ‘social’ distancing; the biometric vaccination regime and the ludicrous imposition of mask wearing, are unwittingly implementing an ideology that may soon enslave them and their own families: unless they are willing to question the State narrative and protocol; courteously, compassionately practicing within the confines of Constitution and Common Law principle; lawfully defying anti-constitutional, thus unlawful statute and directive: they shall eventually secure their own irreversible bio-technological bondage to Globalist State, as well as all those whom they cherish or love.


For a modest or paltry wage, with short term sensibility, these blinkered men and women are subverted to ruthlessly enforce brutality in neglect of autonomous consideration, moral compunction or restraint.


With today’s corporate and institutional corruption of Parliamentary or congressional process being so prevalent; as we hurtle toward bio-technocracy; now more so than any juncture through-out history, officers must use constitution and common law to defend their profession from hierarchical debasement; to secure that their regional, cultural sense of justice is not subverted toward mindless subordination: allowing themselves to be used to enforce the gradual undoing of nation State sovereignty and the personal liberty of a citizenry they are sworn to lawfully serve and protect.


It would be plausible to assume that the State, in it’s zeal to expand are training law enforcement officers as military soldiers; purposefully de-prioritizing their personal, affable, communal sensibilities in favor of strong arm, militant sociopathy. Britons in the last year have witnessed what seems to be the de-humanization of Britain’s law enforcement officers, and whilst they enforce unlawful statute or ‘guide line’, they technically render themselves as just ‘enforcement officers’, implementing trans-national corporate directive to actualize Globalist State ideology and jurisdiction; en route to a hellish centralized technocracy: within which corporations such as Boston Dynamics would furnish the ‘State’ with their tireless replacements.












And if or when we become irreversibly ensnared in the Globalist State's bio-technological paradigm of ruthless ‘omnipressive’ regimentation, it shall be those that now consider themselves ‘police’ officers that would be most accountable for the enslavement and unlawfully imposed genetic adulteration of humanity: as the explicitly corrupted 'Great Reset' pushing politicians are powerless sans civil cooperation, thus the onus is on nation State community, of which civil servants and officers are supposed to be a part, to resist and revoke fifth column Globalist State jurisdiction.


Law enforcement officers and military personnel must now re-evaluate in terms of moral principle; considering the assertions and ‘predictions’ of unelected Globalist State engineers such as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates; knowing that there are many Britons that still wish to remain British: many Americans that are proud of their independence, culture and constitution, as well as the expanding multitudes of self-respecting human beings around the world that are, right now, most concerned to restore and inspired to dramatically increase their personal Sovereignty.

Please see, hear and share a relevant presentation from June 3rd last year

(duration 38mins)

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'Britons Versus Gluttons' - 12/2/21:

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