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Ruthless State Brutality in Gates Britain

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The police are being used; corrupted into becoming cruel, mercenary enforcement 'officers'; to induce a social mind set that weakens the public into acceptance of Gates driven unconstitutional medical tyranny.

These morally depleted wagers of domestic enmity should be held INDIVIDUALLY accountable for this brutality. Shame on the State that was once known as British, and is now being seen and realised as just another branch of the Globalist State; subverting, coercing & forcing Britain to become just another region on their roster of dishonorably conquered Nations.

This is what coetaneous territorial invasion looks like. Covert corruption of hierarchy at the upper echelons, then as dominoes falling, we see the implosion of Nation State economy and infrastructure; as well as the weaponization of nation State institution: giving rise to the moral degradation of State employees: they were once respectable police officers; now just thugs implementing a corporate agenda that ushers in globalist totalitarian ideology.

These unabashed monsters may as well be wearing corporate logos just as footballers do, just with Moderna, Merck, Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca and Gavi being shown: these uniformed prefects are ensuring that the word ‘Great’ could no longer be associated with the word ‘Britain’; in terms of ideological implementation, they are enforcers of ‘Gates Britain’ protocol: which is essentially the actualization of globalist State jurisdiction: a far cry from the Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest, Habeas Corpus and the Declaration of Right.

Sadly, the lower ranks know not what they do but they should take heed: ‘just following orders’ was rejected as an excuse in the Nuremberg trials and shall be rejected as an excuse when they are inevitably put on trial.

17/1/21 - Nazi England: there's GONNA be a. reckoning...

26/1/21 - re @Charbrevolution's expose of State brutality(above) - Silicon Valley purging some of their finest content contributors; proving their activism; their cowardice; their fallible narrative.

Does this seem like an officer trained in public interaction, courtesy and professionalism...grrr

NaziBritain, 2021:

How are the 'State' ever going to live these acts of unlawful, shameful brutality down? Shame on these thugs!


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