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Deep State and it's Diffusion of Identity
Speaking presentation (duration3m18s)

The term ‘deep State’ is no longer applicable: that is, unless folks haven’t been paying attention; it is an enigmatic phrase that diffuses identity; a generalization that distracts from specific criminal or ‘transgressional’ citation or address; now used as just another politico propagandist slogan: we know who ‘they’ are, now what are we going to do about the situation at hand?


In Britain the Jesuit Order (IHS) and the Sovereign Militia Order of Malta’s immunity are constitutionally offensive, thus globalist State operatives and treasonous criminals such as Tony Blair could, and should be subject to a lawful citizen’s arrest. As should the despotic politicians, the pernicious propagandists, the Mengelesque, Hippocratically void ‘doctors’ and high ranking civil servants that have promulgated the use of mRNA experimentation–by means of coercion, and the false advertising of what is in actuality, dangerous or fatal quackery. Britons are, by constitution, able to construct common law court hearings in suitable public location to try them. Although it is projected and generally assumed as much–the British Accreditation Registry is not a monopoly. In the United States the Federal Bar Association is an private corporation,


Once most realize the FACT that we are at war, we should not hesitate in this form of lawful uprising, as it effects causation at the heart of our adversity, avoiding contained or reckless mob objection to those who are flagrantly in cahoots. As patriots we are obliged to maintain our structure of civility. In Britain that structure is one of the worlds oldest–spanning the best part of a millennium.  The destruction of our national and personal sovereignty is the story that the press would veer us away from with the promulgation of sensationalized, unlawful statute, quasi-scientific error and partisan folly.

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