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Sadly, even after working hard to resolve a strange tech issue, with all seeming to be functioning, Usurper Joe broadcast recording was compromised with anomalous clicks, cuts and omissions, shortening the 1 hour transmission to 51mins, also cutting the first 17 mins of audio: working to resolve this issue right now; might be necessary to start using another broadcasting software. This may take a few days to sort out.


Thanks again regarding the patience of folks paying attention

Usurper Joe: Lowering the Drawbridge to Rome

Broadcasting live at 3:30pm (UK) 15/11/20

FEC chairman declares USA's election as 'illegitimate'; stating reports of fraud as 'credible'. Yet, Globalist State's centralized media are still attempting to gaslight the world into acceptance of their 'Great Reset' proponent prior to constitutional conclusion: revealing centralized media(MSM) as an invading force of opposition to American constitutional ideology. Now we see the jesuit order's Jorge Mario Bergoglio ('pope' Francis) attempt to prematurely crown his jesuit vassal, in aspiration to solidify a consensus of acceptance or resignation to an unlawful 'Pressident-Select': revealing the Papacy's arch contempt for America's independence.

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