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Sponsorship of Determination Radio's Short 'On the Horizon'?

Determination Radio is embarking on the creation of a short art documentary film–of which the subject matter shall remain secret until release, as it is most prescient and relevant to our present global circumstance. We are also planning a number of surprise features regarding our Community Message Board, allowing folks to interact in a meaningful way.

Please consider sponsoring our documentary and the algorithmic expansion, thus transformation of our Community Message Board–to increase member accessibility and revolutionize service, by contributing toward a necessary purchase of equipment. We have most of what is needed, yet we must still raise a minimum of £5000 to purchase computer hard drives, and other integral necessities: of course, we shall publish purchase transaction records–so that all is above board.

Folks that contribute a substantial amount shall receive a special perks status, which enables them to choose from an array of reciprocal rewards or gestures of gratitude.

We are in a serious rush to commence work, thus our request to supporters...

Please make contributions:


at DR donations page

• to Paypal recipient address:

• or direct transfer (contact us to attain transfer information)

Please stipulate 'DR Short Sponsorship' within transaction correspondence.

Contributors shall be acknowledged within the short's credit listing unless anonymity is requested. Substantial contributors would function as a team of executive producers, so these folks should expect substantial acknowledgement and perks



Thanks regarding your consideration  

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