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Responsibility, Accountability & the Constructs of Authority

New Year's Day Streams of Consciousness blast.



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Of course these, as with determinationradio.co.uk materials are available to all, yet DR's Podcast Central is a way folks are able to contribute toward, remunerate, thus maintain Determination Radio if they are able and are so inclined. Please remember DR is staunchly independent, so contributions of all amounts are most appreciated, allowing us to function sans-ideological subversion, diversion or restriction. 


We ask for a non-obligatory donation of an amount within a listener or member's means, in accordance with one's subjective sense of value. If someone is not in a position to contribute, then please hear or download with our gratuity, just please do remember us when you are. Folks are also able to use determinationradio.co.uk/donations if inspired to contribute and facilitate as and when one wishes, for any given reason.


Determination Radio is planning to expand considerably. We are hiring staff and are in pursuit of necessary equipment–to procure a significant increase in the generation, thus propagation of materials: presentations, documentaries, infomericals, music, art etc. Right now, we are enduring a slow work flow, due to the advance of software: so that it supersedes hardware (Apple’s way of ‘legal’ contrived obsolesce): so another computer is now absolutely necessaryYes, we know about Apple, yet due to many years of using their computers, the upheaval of switching operating systems right now would be most impractical;  a major obstruction, so until a less invasive system surfaces, with independence from big-tech, ‘the devil yer know’ etc.


Thanks for your support and consideration, DR team.

Reverse Engineering & the Contraction of State



RIIA Conditioning Now a Danger to Unadulterated Britons


Taking Back Our Infrastructure


Recordings 27/11/21 - Published on 28/11/21

Reference: https://unadulterated.community

Societal Confidence: A Threat to the 'Regimentors' - (duration1hr7mins)

Recording 26/10/21 - Published 23/11/21

Streams of Consciousness 'Halloween Special' Podcast (duration40mins33s) - 31/10/2

'the Grimace' Podcast (duration1hr6mins) - 25/10/21

Religion, Institution & the Subversion of Faith (duration54mins03s)

Streams of Consciousness 'Re-evaluation' Podcast - (duration1h38mns) - Published 27/10/21

Theta Trance Blast (nocturnal - duration33mins) - Published 24/10/21

Democracy: Rule or Pacification? (duration21mins) - Published 23/10/21

Parental Responsibility Blast (duration36mins) - Published 22/10/21

Worry: A Subtle Force of Destruction (duration23mins)  - Published 20/10/21

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