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A Solstice Season Message of Affection

Updated: Jan 1, 2023


Rome’s theological constructs and theocratic impositions: prior to which, we would have generosity as anything but an annual novelty; negotiation sans-withholding; un-institutionalised, un-prompted celebrations regarding verifiable transpiration: nature would mark our reason of event, rather than doctrine or fantastical fabrication, with super-imposed erroneous chronological abstraction. Choice, rather than strict collectivisation–with stern, ominous or sanctimonious obligation to adhere.

#Solstice includes all from every ideological foundation, whereas Rome’s ‘excommunicational’ constructs collectivise with supposedly vicarious, institutional exclusivity.

Rome’s ‘eclipsical’ appropriation of Paganism is a gradualist atrocity: not just in terms of the church’s geocentric appropriation of geomantic location (earth grid/leyline convergence), but the very fact that we celebrate unverifiable hearsay is an occultist desecration and inversion of #Druidic principle, as Dru is merely the word true; with Druidic ideology in absolute reverence of #truth: please consider that the various #megalithic manifestations of #Paganism around the world show great commitment to #Astrotheological verification.

It would take significant societal, cultural strength to muster but a #GrassRoots restoration of #WinterSolstice as societal occasion of celebration could be way more of an exiting, wonderful and truthful event than Rome’s devised, consumerist, materialist, orchestrated, thus sociologically controlled sensation (sadly, now just a corporate fanfare). Of course the same re-appropriation of original celebratory notion could be applied to all astro-theological, #Pagan events–such as #Samhain for instance.

Wishing my brothers and sisters from all non-theocratic religious, spiritual or philosophical practices, an amazing Solstice season…#Gnosticism encompasses, thus unifies us all, Affection, bisous...


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