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'Jabbers': Myopic Transgressors of Murderous Proportion

#mRNA/#ClotShot #injectors have no excuse now...the clinical information is there for them to research; with the many sound studies now available (not to mention the horrifying #VAERS / government ‘disclosures’), anyone injecting these compounds (esp. into #children), is a murderer; possibly even a mass murderer...these dangerously impressionable or just downright gullible folks should now be held socially and lawfully accountable.

If you know an mRNA / clot shot injector, put them on notice! By #hippocratic oath they are no longer #doctors––despite their credentials, and those uni(n)formed ’jab’ injectors that consider themselves as ‘#nurses’ are now no better than the ‘nurses' of the #hereicidal #3rdReich––whether ignorant or just obedient to debased, quasi-medical protocol, at this stage, these ‘#jabbers’ should be seen and known as murderers; knowingly, ingenuously, conveniently or mercenarily guilty of #LatentHomicide.

Restaurant & bar owners, please seriously consider a sign such as:

No Solicitation

No Dogs



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