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Globalist State Media's Propagation of Delusion

"80% of Britons Injected" headlines are bogus #GlobalistState propaganda to propagate the notions of acceptance and popularity––A well known, cheap ass Bernaysian 'fake it til yer make it' ploy. It's widely known as ‘payola’ in the music industry.

This tried & tested propagandist method of projection works both ways, with social engineers inducing public ‘objection’ ‘obscurity’ or ‘indifference’ through media projection of these notions in relationship to any given subject, persona or product. In this instance, we see an inflated projection of acceptance and popularity regarding C19 injection & protocol: in attempts to actualize our compliance to all unconstitutional impositions and procedures the Globalist State deem necessary in order to install their GreatReset #technocratic mechanism.

If folks honestly believe that us Brits could have been generally so ingenuous, gullible, reckless or stupid to have agreed to an untested injection––presented with corporate indemnity, for a bug with a 99.98% recovery rate, please reconsider. Do these Britons look as though they're gullible enough to get subverted or coerced by MSM propaganda, #WHO politicized, weaponized quackery, and #QuasiState unlawful statute, 'regulation' or 'guideline', into taking the untested mRNA #ClotShot, now proving to be harmful at best and fatal at worst?!

Do these folks seem confused or ingenuous to MSM's pernicious propagandism? Do these free thinking #British folk seem frightened of a 'virus'–mendaciously marketed as an air-born pathogenic bacteria, when a virus has no attributes of organism? No! these Britons know they are being lied to and are FURIOUS about the palpable use of #PsychologicalWarfare-–now yielding body and casualty counts comparable to those of military conflicts or terrorist attacks.

And, with now finding that the injection is technically, factually, and by definition NOT A VACCINE, it becomes plain to see Britons and humanity at large suffering at the hand of corporate malfeasance, skewed data (PCR false positives), and faux product representation (C19 injection=no immune response), all we are seeing on social media is hatred for the corruption and expansion of quasi-State, the flagrant collusion between State, trans-national corporation, Globalist State institution, and centralized media: all at the crushing detriment to national and personal sovereignty.

This is Globalist State warfare: #psychological, #economic, #biological, and #environmental. So many are seeing through the ornate mesh of #MediaDeception; the public are becoming wise, with expertise and erudite knowledge regarding the nefarious history of vaccination and it's 'mandated' imposition from corrupted State.

MSM's orchestration of mass delusion has now switched from just insidious corporatism to an explicit form of passive warfare––against national and personal sovereignty, human decency, civil authority, constitution and now the health, bodily autonomy and parental jurisdiction of Britons...


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