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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

This post is a work in progress and shall be updated with disclosures of a genuine nature; at least to the degree to that I resonate and deem significant; of course I cannot vouch for their credibility, considering the instinctual, intuitive aspects of our understanding, as reader and viewer, that's your call.

Pre--internet generations did not have the benefit of such a broad array of personal disclosures. This aspect to our era puts humanity at an advantage in our fight against the Globalist State's surfacing form of collectivist technocratic enslavement.

Public acceptance of wars were fomented on the grounds of lesser atrocity than that which we are seeing from the roll out of this injection. Yet the collectivization of mainstream media has transfixed impressionable human beings with fear of future abstraction to the degree of tragedy.

MSM has its vulnerabilities; it is generally slick, with bells and whistles; editors; corporations with executive sectors; pundit figure heads––intellectually restricted or directed by chain of command. There is usually an ideological initiative and agenda embedded within MSM materials, whereas with raw, unedited transmission of experience we see, hear and sense the unprocessed trauma of loss and devastation sans-scripted direction; sans--context and sans-perverse crisis actors.

Some of these disclosures maybe alarming or disturbing to some, yet motivating or mobilising to others...

Please see this blast from a women in trauma (thanks @dwtruthwarrior):

Here's a blast from a month or so ago:

Another blast from a Mother that lost her healthy daughter straight after C19 injection (thanks @LornaEdwards):


Irate youngster blasting about socially engineered self-subjugation, State imposition, bigoted, authoritarian social expectation and the dynamic of societal self-policing:

Man disclosing dismay at the lack of masculine response to unlawful, quasi-state tyranny:

Israel: A woman in distress, disclosing regional circumstance and the horrors of quasi-State regime:

Scottish nurse in distress discloses about leaving the NHS due to State corruption from a few months ago:

more updates with disclosures coming soon...thanks


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