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Seafarers Series

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

A series of informal presentations from Fionn O Lochlainn regarding the gradual, covert actualisation of globalist hegemonic order, despite sovereign nation State structures of civil authority.

Part 1: The Winged Lion (duration1hour38mins41s) - Recording 18/9/22

Part 2: Actual Law and the Restoration of Civil Authority (38minsFromStart)

Part 3: Thoughts Regarding Unification (1hr20minsFromStart)

Part 4: Hipp–Gnosis and the Neuroanatomy of Yesteryear (duration1hr16mins) - Recording 1/10/22

Part 5: Factionism, Cults and the Persuasion of Exclusivity - Streams of Consciousness Podcast (duration1h38mins) - Recording 9/10/22 - Published at Podcast Central (

A relating presentation:

Breaking the Moulds of Multigenerational Accumulative Conditioning

Streams of Consciousness speaking presentation concerning #Rome’s moulding, pruning, and ‘capacitising’ of plebeian #memory function: #psyche programming from pre-natal to adulthood.


Recordings 14/1/23 - published 15/1/23


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