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3rd Reich Goebbelsesque Propagandism In SMOM's 'UK' Gutter Rag

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Sociologically divisive, apartheid inducing propaganda from #GloabalistState #media (#SMOM #CFR #RIIA #CIIA #CIA) is ramping up. As expected, Goebbels style condemnatory disparagement of the unvaccinated to induce social persecution against critical thinkers, autonomous intellectuals and patriotic constitutionalists, with the auto-suggestion of a 'pro-vax consensus’–designed to actualise such a ludicrously unscientific consensus, as well as mobilizing the authoritarian compulsions of those ‘#prefects’ among us to procure a self policing societal dynamic.

Britons MUST see that Rupert Murdoch is #SovereignMilitiaOrderOfMalta (SMOM), and that his infamous, brazenly misogynistic gutter rag is now explicitly weaponized: issuing pernicious, insidious narrative (#PsychologicalWarfare)–designed to convince the ingenuous or vacuous into self harm, and now into the excommunication and persecution of their unvaccinated friends, brothers, sisters, parents and so on.

The Papacy’s public shaming method of collectivization goes way back, and can be observed in it’s acute manifestation when researching the orchestration of their #inquisition, their #3rdReich and just about every other one of their interventionist regime changes throughout history. Hitler’s head of intelligence and security Reinhard Gehlen was SMOM, and ‘Herecidal' Himmler was indeed a jesuit (#IHS #jesuitorder). Please also consider that Kissinger (SMOM/#ClubOfRome) positioned Klaus Schwab and initiated the foundation of #WEF.

In terms of social engineering, Murdoch’s trash rag ‘The Sun’ has historically targeted Britain’s working class, yet now it would seem they are under-estimating the intelligence of this demographic, as so many in the last year have had the inclination to research past MSM’s propagandism–realizing it’s centralization, thus inherent deceit. Also learning of the true structure of power that transcends government. From experiencing the huge protests recently, with 1.8 million, then 2 million gathering in defiance of unlawful, totalitarian State regimentation, it is safe to say that Britain’s working class aren’t so easily fooled. For many now, it is becoming increasingly clear that when it comes to the Globalist State’s oncoming hell on earth–all roads absolutely lead to #Rome.


Deborah Tavares presentation (duration38m23s) - 7/21


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