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Foreign Allegiance in Regalia?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

After HRH Queen Elizebeth II alienated constitutional patriots, as well as more than a half of her populous by disparaging those refusing the harmful, experimental, potentially fatal, gene re-sequencing injection as “selfish”, we are now seeing the anger of Britons manifesting in social media posts of scathing animosity: even toward the late Prince Phillip, on the day of his passing.

A sovereign, prosperous nation could tolerate or potentially celebrate the opulence of a dynasty that has fought to secure and maintain that sovereignty and prosperity, yet how could a conscious populous endure the lavish opulence of a dynasty that has no regard for the sovereignty, solvent stability, health and safety of those within the nation–of which they insatiably feed? When poverty strikes that nation, sparing or even remunerating the opulent few, it is of no surprise that the citizenry cite that disparity with fury.

I strongly suggest HRH Queen Elizebeth II FIRE her Privy Council forthwith, placing it's most influential members under serious investigation, whilst pursuing scientifically neutral, patriotic, constitutionally oriented consultation–to re-establish British sovereignty in defense against a dishonorable, invasive force of foreign Hegemony: the Globalist State.

Failing this, if continuance of anti-constitutional implementation ensues, considering medical mandating as such treasonous desecration of constitution–thus coronation oath, it would be honest and most British for HRH to discard the name Windsor, and declare the ultimate victory of Rome (SMOM/WEF/UN/WHO/IPCC/ICC/CFR/RIIA/IMF/BIS/CIA/ClubOfRome etc.) over British independence–as by continuing to promulgate Rome’s methodical erosion or destruction of British constitution: which in the advent of any anti-constitutional medical mandating, would function as a behavioral admission of Saxxe-Coburg-Gotha Holy Roman Empire allegiance.

Regarding the Sovereign Militia Order of Malta, a royal explanation is now necessary...


(Some of these references draw conclusions that may differ from my own, regardless, I include with reference to their record and or documentation).

Treaty of Rome (Aptly named, this 'treaty' set up the bureaucracy that would orchestrate the gradual, incremental dismantling of nation State constitution).

Treaty of Lisbon (A declaration of war against nation State constitution).

Treaty of Amsterdam (T.Blair is SMOM and this 'treaty' is unabashed treason–ostensibly suspending sworn monarchical powers to protect constitution: Blair should be tried for High-Treason for this fifth column maneuver).

Article - Great Reset Treaty (WEF's 'Great Reset' ideology is fundamentally treasonous to British constitution–relying on Britain's constitutional amnesia to foment any form of public acceptance or adherence).

An article that includes meaningful excerpts, citing relevant documentation, despite the title being somewhat diffuse.


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