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Globalist State Gradualism

As to the degree to which any nation State government submits to lockdown protocol, Gavi and the WHO's pseudo-science, the harmful malpractice of mask wearing and the forceful expansion of State, is to the degree of that nation's intrenchment in globalist ideology, implementation and ritual.

Now our international community is getting a taste of totalitarian globalism. We are so many, yet up until this last year few would consider the occulted world of enigmatic force that wields ultimate authority in luxurious anonymity. Those that value history and research are just now increasing in numbers, as humanity is finally realizing, in their hordes that they have been systematically swindled.

Folks are now stepping outside the comfortable refuge of what is perceived as social agreement but is actually societal conformity to an establishment devised, socially engineered 'reality' or consensus; manipulation from Maddison Avenue style psyche modelers; insidious propagandists that steer media programming and advertising; the cultivators of 'mainstream phobia'.

The advent of globalism has crept up on so many–whom upon introspection are now realizing how patriotic their actually are. Now many are seeing that nation State constitutional structures of civility are the only thing between them, and the beast now actualizing as an explicitly visible, ‘omnipressive’ Globalist State Empire–with national facade.


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