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The Biological Emasculation of Vatifornians

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

So now we see absurd quackery from the Globalist State region once known as California: suggesting that an injection of female hormones into men could 'treat Covid19'. Aghast! It is hard to believe that there is anyone in California stupid enough to entertain this kind of manipulative propagandism, regardless, the suggestion reveals the Jesuit controlled State's actual intentions: controlled 'selective' depopulation and chemical suppression of masculine compulsion.

An emasculated society is less inclined to defend itself against physical subjugation and plausibly even less equipped or compelled to reproduce. Our natural paternal instinct to protect is a formidable one. Injecting men with hormonal transformative compound has an immoral ‘eugenical' connotation.

What further perverse impositions must we endure once ensnared within the State’s technocratic sphere of biometric social control? How many vaccines? Must we shave our heads? Suffer invasive surgery? Once we grant this kind of power by not standing up in principle–in defiance to so few, we set a precedent of compliance that could feasibly lead to mankind’s utter demise. Humanity cast under a hellish bio-technocratic nightmare; weaponized drones, Boston Dynamics K9 ‘distance dogs’. It is certainly not so far in the future that these mechanical weaponized hunting assassins, coupled with ‘omnipressive’ surveillance would successfully prevent ANY disobedience to a centralized Globalist State system.

USA has never in it’s history been under greater attack from foreign power structures that wield alien ideology; brokers of economic and psychological warfare that seek to dissolve classical American ideology; to stamp down constitution; to dishonorably invade a nation that was supposed to be, could have been, and yet still may become–a shining light of consciously prosperous liberty: of non-interventionist stance and moral stature: a nation State infrastructure that grants sovereignty above all.

Sadly, I now see Rome, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations as the keepers of USA INCORPORATED. The fence around Capitol Hill, D.C. speaks volumes: it’s a heist; they know it and know that we know it as well. If forced vaccination or any other egregious, rapacious charge against Habeas Corpus ensues, the citizens of the United States of America must defend their constitution regardless of partisan leanings; despite ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ vaccine in ideology. It should be a unity in constitutional principle. As this time round, one may be in favor; convinced by the pro-vaccine propaganda, but once government has the power to mandate medicine, with biometric monitoring they could and plausibly would command you to consume or undergo medical procedures arbitrarily. This is not governing, it is despotism, eugenics, murder, genocide with a 'bread and circuses' Hegelian political theatre–that STILL seems to be drawing folks into the establishment's defunct, sociologically divisive system of social pacification: democracy.

Americans must now learn the ways of USA's occulted arch nemesis–in ideology and practice: given that one of Rome's own quivers in our Oval Office; plausibly awaiting commands from Ratzinger or the Jesuit General: as Usurper Joe owes his 'impostership' to the Papacy. Not just because of their documented meddling in the last election with the Vatican's Dominion 'voting' machine scandal, but their control over media narrative by means of the CIA, Council on Foreign Relations and the many other Jesuit or Sovereign Militia Order of Malta controlled think tanks, executive sectors of corporation, universities, colleges and their various dark fraternities, affiliates and associations around the world.

The term 'medical militia' should not seem so far fetched, as we are now seeing it's carnage with every day passing, since the administering of untested mRNA gene altering injections. (falsely advertised as 'vaccinations') began. This weeks underplayed death figures due to 'Pandora's Vax' are as disturbing as the weeks prior: and all with corporate indemnity: astonishing! With many doctors claiming that most immune and neurological 'side effects' could manifest from the injection in the months or years to come, but what about this 'gene therapy'; what concern have we heard of the genomic structure of future generations? Why has an unprecedented technology that could potentially mutilate genome been decided to be injected into ANY human being–prior to at least a rudimentary understanding of it's effects on the health of future generations?

We are generally led to believe that these pharmaceutical corporations are profit oriented, yet when seeing how they have functioned since the National Child Vaccine Act 1986; their 'revolving door' scenario with the CDC, the FDA and even congress; their proclamations of safety and efficacy destroyed by independently generated sound data and circumstantial evidence: with their NCVIA unlawfully protecting corporations from scandalous litigation: with billions paid out by the State from their secret vaccine court, it's reasonable to assume a darker ideology at play. The bio-chemistry alone is too nefarious to be born from just avaricious compulsion. Why unlisted, purposefully amalgamated, gene re-sequencing nano-toxicity is found within certain vaccine compounds has not been answered (reference Corvelva). With pseudo-scientific orthodoxy pushed as "the science". Please also consider the sensationalism and premeditated popularization of 'transgenderism' as just another ‘eugenicism’–portrayed as some form of ‘liberation’ within centralized media’s fanfare of noxious social conditioning.

There seems to be a fetishistic glee about social engineers such as Gates and Jesuit Fauci. The inconsistencies: the contradictions; It all seems just too evil to fathom for some.

Given the political circus is, to a large degree, fiscally maintained by pharmaceutical corporations, it is most implausible that any politician would undermine their own financial status and that of their peers and colleagues within the partisan political paradigm. So even our favorite 'warm and fuzzy' politicians would soon be annexed from Washington if they dared go against the fold. There is also a grave threat when considering the silencing maneuvers of the Clintons and the highly suspicious string of anomalous deaths concerning those in prominence that question or oppose this cruel, unconstitutional vaccination regime. Leading to the rational conclusion that the 'democratic' process of petition is sadly corrupted out of it's own sufficiency regarding societal protection.

Hankering after an archaic paradigm that once successfully placated–allowing corporation to expand far beyond the power of State, and State, in service to corporation and globalist institution, to expand to a degree where it suffocates our personal sovereignty, is no longer a sensible tac of defense–if it ever was. We must stop feeding their system, however comforted some still are by the earnest promises, jovial 'reassurances' and virtuous sounding rhetoric of hopelessly compromised politicians.

Despairing in disbelief as rabbits in their headlights is also an ineffective defense. The propagandist method of spurious, contradicting, semi-plausible narratives is known to induce intellectual fatigue, thus eventual resignation to a State synthesized agenda.

So the ‘pink elephant in the room’ is now the question of societal resolution: systemic transformation; those that value liberty eruditely uprising against a system that is setting about eradicating it–even as a remote possibility.

As daunting a notion as it may be, America must now rise, as the United States of America has never before been more morally and constitutionally justified in doing so. And there's no time to waste, as technocracy is already encroaching on our lives: and with every day of inaction it's mechanism is becoming more and more of a barb. If we keep looking to 'big brother' State to resolve their own atrocity, it's plausible that they will stall with distracting, polarizing propaganda until their biometric system is fully installed, by when all societal objection to State or corporate atrocity would surmount as punishable futility.

With the medical militia all militant attacks, passive or active, are presented as something 'in your best interest'; 'for your safety' or 'for the greater good', yet the physical evidence never lies.

See how America's children have suffered at the blood stained hands of the pharmaceutical industry, and now see that this industry would be used to emasculate a populous: to suppress the necessary testosterone that would be required to spur and successfully actualize societal uprising: and I say that with great respect for the ‘mama bears’; not mitigating the formidable power of a woman's maternal instinct to protect. Yet just acknowledging the FACT that men are generally physically stronger, thus a greater potential threat to the Globalist State: whom will certainly, predominantly use male strength to enforce constitutional violation. Observing how masculinity has been demonized in main stream propaganda, it's plain to see that the State would rather a placid, flaccid society of victimized State sycophants; a conquerable herd of State dependent whimsical whiners, rather than a ferocious, upright, erudite, self-sufficient, self-respecting citizenry–inclined to defend it's self against hegemonic invasion: even against the dishonorably undeclared, implosive variety of it–of which nation State communities are now enduring to varying degrees around the world.

Apocalyptic Potential of Vaccination: Nano-toxicity. (including Corvelva source reference)


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