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Pseudo-scientific 'ultimatumism' a way to describe the propagandist ideology of coetaneous State. An example is IPCC orthodoxy or another being 'convid19'.

Ruthlessly devised fear or rage inducing narrative: relentlessly propagated in multiple media outlets yet with singular, centralized command of ultimate storyline. An ingenuous or ignorant populous would seemingly accept fiction as truth, by sheer scale of presentation in ratio to that of any opposing narrative: to the degree of inducing a phenomena: a zeitgeist.

The latent mistruths of our current globalist state media are now projecting a mendacious narrative that suggests 'Usurper Joe' could be elect or covid19’s 99.98% survival rate justifies sudden totalitarian implementation of globalist state, surveillance oriented technocratic regime.

In terms of the actualization of social ideology, by taking this covid vaccine or even getting involved by testing for it, as tremulous sheep sycophants to globalist establishment or obedient ‘submissives', we microcosmically denounce any such notion of personal sovereignty, democracy or civil petition to State: it is a symbol of severe submission to establishment whim.

Only a weak minded person would wish to enter a slave class by means of a biological bonding to the State’s technocratic resource. We would be sacrificing our genetic integrity and plausibly that of generations to come(remember *MRC-5/mRNA genomic mutilation). Steer clear of the *covid19 vaccine, and at this stage of my research, after years of studying, I would say avoid vaccines as a matter of health and consumer principle.


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