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Corporate Social Media Platforms or Activist Websites?

Sound Stage Management, who publish Fionn O Lochlainn music, promotional and ideological materials just got suspended at Vimeo. No explanation, the usual cast off from faceless big tech automatons. We are also seeing a mass purge from Gootube, rendering many content creators aghast.

We must stop seeing these platforms as 'social media'. They are highly funded activist websites that lure folks into their platforms by offering a 'service'. As we see now, that service is subject to their ideological approval, thus they are not social media, they are establishment media; wolves in sheep's clothing.

I just saw a post from a distraught individual that lost years of work to youtube. First they demonetized him, then when he persisted in his free speech spirited posting, they just shut him down, with no regard for his millions of subscribers: suggesting that they are not in this for 'business' or 'custom' and their main priority is consensus manipulation, by censorship, curation, fabrication and omission.

Although we are starting a modest message board here, it is being born from the sheer frustration of seeing many truth oriented folks being stomped down by these evil big tech activists, subverters, nullifiers; henchmen for the globalist establishment.

Our intention is to create an area where folks are not frightened about censorship or unwarranted account dismissal.


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