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Exode des Mentalités
(Attitudinal Exodus)

A fresh Streams of Consciousness series from Fionn O Lochlainn relating to societal self defence against passive warfare, the restoration of civil authority & the actualisation of Britain (Commonwealth nations) and America's Rule of Law within the the Globalist State's oncoming, invasive, anti-constitutional, thus unlawful bio-technocracy.




Episode One (complimentary)

 'Our Ancestors Built This Infrastructure'



Episode Two

'Defence Against Papal Systems of Social Suppression'


Recording 21/11/21 - Published 23/11/21

Episode Three

'Communal Systems'


Recording 10/1/22 - Published 11/1/22

This series is exclusive for DR Community Members; with a confidential sign in process that allows members to post at DR Community Message Board, as well as communicate privately with other DR Community members within 'DR Social Messenger' (a work in progress).


Exode des Mentalités episodes shall be uploaded sporadically; automatic alerts shall be sent to members, we shall also post alerts at t.grm/CommunityResponse


After the first complimentary episode, there is going to be a monthly subscription price of £1 to gain access to this series (channel): this non-contractual, re-occurring payment/maintenance contribution that can be stopped by a member at any given moment. 

Regarding non-monetary communal systems of reciprocity, we are most inspired to hear from folks; please address with serious suggestion, notion or concept of transaction that circumvents the Globalist State's global (soon to be bio-tech) fiat currency system.

Please rest assured we do not sell member's information to anyone.


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