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USA Military Latently Defeated By Medical Procedure

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Short speaking presentation (duration3m) - 28/8/21

The centralized eugenical biometric system is being rolled out. I would speculate that #soldiers known to be nation-State #patriotic would not be getting the placebo shot: whereas the uni(n)formed #GlobalistState compliant soldiers would be.

The UN don't want intellectually autonomous individuals of patriotic assertion with experience in combat or combatant faculty. They want vassal storm troopers to function as drones, until such time as they are able to replace them with actual drones (#BostonDynamics). Patriots in the #military should refuse the shot & the invasive PCR testing. Remember that constitution: are you protecting it by agreeing to it’s circumstantial undoing? Whether under command or not, does complying with anti-constitutional imposition represent #constitutional principle?

If hierarchical structure has been debased, that biometrically administered, latently homicidal shot could wipe out those soldiers with patriotic affinity; those that represent #American ideology within the troops; dramatically decreasing the fervor & power of national defense. Yielding a force that could be turned on it’s own nation-State citizenry.

Soldiers should research the neuro-scientific interventions* #WEF and #DARPA have in store for us with this ‘vaccination’ regime, whilst seriously considering the poignant and most relevant Black Mirror episode ‘Men Against Fire’. This injection regimentation could feasibly morph the #USA's military into a branch of NATO; unwittingly, nihilistically implementing globalist State jurisdiction in opposition to the foundations of American ideology.

btw. If I was in the USA military, I would want to be aware of this information:

Download PDF • 13.21MB

⚠️🚨 INDIA🇮🇳

The Indian army trains by running 10 km, soon after, several SOLDIERS [ALL VACCINATED] had a HEART ATTACK.

Thanks Penguin Veritas


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