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Parents Must Boycott State Collectivization Centers NOW!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Speaking presentation (duration34m13s)


I heard an ‘activist’ say “we must re-open the schools”. I ask why, when they are bound to pernicious ideological, and now PHYSIOLOGICAL, BIO-TECHNOLOGICAL STATE INTERVENTION?! After such a severe assault on our parental jurisdiction, we should be rejecting this system, not begging to re-engage with it–in resignation or acceptance of superficial concession.

The parental convenience of sending children to these collectivization centers all day is now a danger. Allowing and facilitating a child to attend State indoctrination center is now putting that child at grave risk(#PandorasVax #DelayedAdverseReaction #mRNA #PathogenicSpikeProtein #AntibodyDependentEnhancement). After imposing, or even entertaining examples of such woeful, politicized, pseudo-scientific error: such as C19 quackery, the subversion and encouragement of pre-pubescent children toward genital mutilation (#transgenderism/#LGBTQ = #eugenics), and climate change theory (#IPCCorthodoxy), why would we trust these oppressive centers to cultivate faculty or educate accurately?

We should not be considering sending our children to schools until systemic redress is made PERIOD. Unless we are able to actualize a healthy, educational environment for our children, our children are better off staying close to their parents. Do we want State raised, collectivized automatons or parentally, communally raised vibrant individuals––imbued with their parent’s perceptions, ideologies or understanding, and their community’s cultural attributes? (see Sources=Continuum Concept).

We don’t WANT ‘schools’ that would ever consider pressuring children into self harm–under ill-educated, pseudo-scientific justification. A school or university that requires subscription to experimental, palpably harmful quasi-medical procedure, fundamentally, systemically undermines it’s own academic credibility. If you’ve learned that face masks are scientifically comical, and that the experimental ‘vaccine’ provides NO immunity, thus by definition is merely an injection––then you have surpassed the academic prowess of all the curriculum centralized indoctrination centers proclaiming to ‘educate’–despite their supposed prestige.

As so many are waking up to the stark realities of centralization, the Rockefeller Foundation or Royal Society’s universities are going to wish they had never attempted to deceive us into the normalization of degeneracy, demoralization, folly, fallacy, servitude, and now self-subjugation, technocratic enslavement, latent suicide and democidal depopulation.

With so many now informed, after experiencing the disturbing speed at which totalitarianism has become actualized in our immediate circumstance; the expansion of State into our personal sovereignty: in citation and objection, academia is starting to see that they are on the wrong side of history. Wikipedia’s attempts to rewrite or subvert history have failed and Snopes are just a laughing stock. Reuters have been widely exposed as a centralizing, mendacious, propagandist Rothschilds rag. All suggesting that the Globalist State establishment have been scientifically, academically surpassed by much of the general public; outwitted and called on their bluff. Regarding C19 regimentation, will they graciously accept scientific, ideological and lawful defeat? Or will they resort to increased propagandism? Failing that, brute force and ignorance?

Parents must accept homicidal responsibility if they send their children to a center that injects with untested, potentially fatal compound. Convenience or lifestyle are not acceptable excuses for passive, indirect murder.

The State's rapacious imposition of coercive or forced medical procedure––with all it's inhuman, immoral and illogical regimentations are such a criminal abhorrence and offense on our children that in earnestIy state:

From the seeming necessity or negligence of ‘daycare’ (State media and fast food hubs), to the ornate fallacy, the sanctimonious, pompous, stern, supposed 'prestige' of Ivy League or Royal Society University; despite inconvenience or duress: from the commencing date of ANY unlawful statute––allowing indoctrination centers to attack children with injection sans-parental consent: NO CHILD SHOULD ENTER ANY SCHOOL PREMISES UNTIL INVASIVE PROTOCOLS ARE REVOKED AND SYSTEMIC REDRESS IS MADE.

A school’s classroom dynamic is usually anchored by a lowest common denominator of understanding and ability, yet with systemic, causal redress, we could structure an education system that maintains a highest common denominator, yet it is most implausible that we could generally attain this dynamic by making symptomatic address. In the grand scale of things, just as many are now seeing with centralized medicine, mainstream academia's subversive and increasingly cruel methods of collectivization have also been exposed in the last few years, revealing how ideologically collusive, corrupted and insidious it is. We deserve better!

Until this systemic transformation is actualized, it's an opportunity to bring community together; with the unadulterated starting and organizing localized tutor groups; catering to unadulterated parents and natural born or at very least sans-#mRNA/#ClotShot contaminated children...And when it comes to communal protection of our children, I trust we will learn from the Third Reich's historic example of societal tolerance to #StateCriminality and protect parents in our communities from #QuasiState predators with 'Colour of law' statutory instructions to unlawfully kidnap children on the grounds of an ideological assertion their parents may or may not have made (such as 'I like Jews' 1930's or "I Question Vaccines" 2020-1).


Jean Liedloff's Continuum Concept

Nancy Schaefer Exposes Systemic Iniquity (duration9m21s)

John Taylor Gatto - State Controlled Consciousness (duration8m53s)


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