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Fauci's Continuation of Jesuit Himmler's Herecidal Vocation

Hitler's herecidal henchman Himmler, was #IHS (#jesuitorder) just as #JesuitFauci is...interesting all this totalitarian genocide, factionism, censorship, orthodoxy(‘the science’) & persecution of dissenters transpires as we are witnessing the first official #jesuit 'Pope', and now #USA has #JesuitJoe occupying the oval office; with #JesuitCuomo explicitly implementing #depopulation / eugenics; with demon #Pelosi married to a high jesuit, and with supremacist, nepotistic IHS colleges around America churning out Papal #coadjutors;

are we suppose to not cite such significance in ‘politically correct’ fear of disrespecting a ‘religion’? Be clear that this imperialist criminal institution functions as a #theocracy; hiding behind the facade of religion; also using ingenuous, often sweet Catholics as an auto-defense mechanism against citation or criticism: whom for the most part, have not researched into the true history of the Papacy as a force of imperialist totalitarian hegemony. If I was Catholic, I’d want to know what I was representing; especially now the Vatican are proving to be ideologically promiscuous; dismissing Christian theology in favor of what ever ideology ‘fits the bill’(#ClubOfRome).


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