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1st Impressions of the Capitol Hill Fiasco

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Soros(SMOM) funded Antifa/BLM agent provocateurs & crisis 'actorvists' instigated the Capitol Hill stunt to generate propagandist materials that smear & deflate the moral conviction and political enthusiasm of millions of patriotic Americans: also orchestrating a narrative that sets up an honorable 'concession' to a woefully dubious or plausibly illegitimate election result. Five or six officers to contain or subdue a gigantic horde of furious protestors: officers ushering in the protesters: Capitol Hill police refusing assistance from the National Guard: protesters 'allowed' to occupy the building for hours, giving situated 'documenters' propagandist footage opportunity.

Qui en profite? The Globalist State does!

Centralized media's Democrasaurus Hex strikes again...

An interesting report (thanks Sherri Tenpenny):

Whilst hearing please consider an integral aspect to the report that was not included, and that is the fact that Vatican City has it's own constitution, thus the infiltrating force being Rome more so than the Nation State of Italy.

Bureaucrats and media mascots, not so war hawkish in this setting.


(footage from @Cernovich)


(from Jack Dawkins)

Horror! Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force shot dead.

Graphic violence warning.


Actorvist Jake Angelii(dude with the 'tin-horn' hat/Simpsons character) inanely ranting to Venezuela about 'the globalists' is propagandist footage purposefully constructed to misrepresent the mentality of 'Trump supporters' or any intellectual that questions or opposes globalism.

A work in progress...stay tuned, shall update here with information or insights regarding this event.

btw. Sullivan = Antifa/BLM. Globalist State media are attempting to slaughter Trump and is supporters on the grounds of what these agent provocateurs accomplished. We are in propagandism.

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